AOMDA Belgium

The American Overseas Memorial Day Association Belgium (AOMDA) is a private-public partnership consisting of representatives of the American Embassy to the Kingdom of Belgium, the American Battle Monuments Commission Cemeteries in Belgium, and the AOMDA Foundation, with support from the United States and Belgian Military Forces.  Since 1923, our mission is to perpetuate the memory of the soldiers and airmen who died in the liberation of Europe.

Please note that indiviudals cannot become a member of AOMDA Belgium.  However, you can always volunteer to help the AOMDA Foundation advance the mission of AOMDA Belgium.  If you are interested, contact the AOMDA Foundation to let us know.


Jerome W. Sheridan
LTC (ret.) William K. Bergman
Vice President (Belgium)
Patricia Vancraenbroeck
AOMDA Foundation Treasurer (Belgium)
Rhonda Perraudin
Secretary (Belgium)
Laura Hoffman
Communications and Youth Outreach Coordinator

Partner Representatives

Christopher Arsneault
Superintendent, Flanders Field American Cemetery
Lou Aske
Assistant Superintendent, Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery
Jerry Beck
US Military Delegation NATO
Ryan Blum
Assistant Superintendent, Ardennes American Cemetery
Kevin Brugmans
US Embassy Defence Attaché Section
Bobby Bell
Superintendent, Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery
Delonica K. Boyce
Sandrin Coorevits
AOMDA Historian
1SGT Daniel Cruz
US Military Delegation NATO
Kapitein-commandant Philip De Miunter
Belgian Defense, Provincial Command West Flanders
CSM Serge Delcour
Belgian Defence Land Component
Brian Dick
US Embassy Public Affairs Section
Emilie Duflo
Associate, Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery
Derrick Hood
USAG Benelux
Vincent Joris
Associate, Ardennes American Cemetery
Lisbeth Keefe
Public Affairs Officer, United States Embassy
SSGT Laura Kluga
USAF Staff Element SHAPE
Adjutant-Majoor Mario Matton
Belgian Defense, Provincial Command West Flanders
CPO Jeff Moore
1SGT Shauna Richardson
USAG Benelux
COL Peter Scammel
Defense Attaché, United States Embassy
Misty Schreppel
US Military Delegation NATO
Commandant d’Aviation Alain Servais
Belgian Defense, Provincial Command Liège
Kaat Vanderjeugt
Associate, Flanders Field American Cemetery
Mike Yasenchak
Superintendent, Ardennes American Cemetery