Visit a museum or monument

Whether you live in Belgium or are just visiting, there is much to see and do when it comes to remembering the sacrifice of those who died for the liberation of Europe. Visit one of the many museums that bring the past to life, or explore the countryside for memorials and monuments of interest.

There are dozens of museums dedicated to the First and Second World Wars in Belgium. Below are a few recommendations about museums to visit, or discover a list of monuments and memorials:

30th Infantry Division Monument
Second World War

Located in Aubel, Belgium, this monument is dedicated to the men of the 30th Infantry Division who fought and died for the freedom of all.

Parker's Crossroads monument
Second World War

The "Alamo defense" of Major Arthur C. Parker's 589th Field Artillery Battalion at this crossroad denied the Nazis an important supply route between 19 and 23 December 1944.  There's monumnet includes a Howitzer 105 mm artillery piece. 

Leuven Library
First World War

The library of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven is a tribute to America’s role in the relief and liberation of Belgium in WWI.  The building is adorned with various symbols and inscriptions related to America, such as this one in Latin above the front door:  “SANGVINIS AMERICI BELGII LIBERATIONIS CAUSA PROFVSI RECORDATIONI PERENNI."  (As a lasting memorial to the American blood that was shed for the liberation of Belgium.)

Leland Lambe plaque
Second World War

Plaque erected by the Belgian veterans of Fort Eben Emael to Major Leland Lambe, who was killed at the Fort.

Monument to 1, 30, and 99 ID Aubel
Second World War

Located in the center of Aubel, this monument commemorates the three American Infantry Divisions that liberated the area during the war.

Mardasson Monument
Second World War

The Mardasson Memorial was constructed with funds donated from Belgian private citizens to honor the Americans who liberated them during the Battle of the Bulge.  

Eagle Monument Bastogne
Second World War

Located at the Mardasson Memoiral in Bastogne, this monument commemorates the men of the 101st Airborn Division who defended Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.  The sculptor was Robert Remacle and it was innagurated in 2008.  The sotry of Private Dennis McKeen inspired Remacle to create the sculpture.  McKeen is commemorated on the Wall of the Missing at the Ardennes American Cemetery.  See the Eagle Monument's website for more information.

1st ID Monument Mons
Second World War

Located in Mons, Belgium, this monument commemorates the 314 soldiers of the 1st Infnatry Division who lost their lieves between 25 July and 6 September 1944.

Monument to Company B of the 526 Armored Infantry Battalion
Second World War

From October to 17 December 1944, Company B of the 526th Armored Infantry Battalion was quartered in the homes of families in Comblain-La-Tour.  The isolated grave of Joseph G. Farina is nearby.

Second World War

Inaugurated in 1957, this monument commemorates General George S. Patton.  It is located on the spot on which he made his famous speech to his men as they advanced on Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944.