AOMDA Foundation

Volunteers are the core of the AOMDA Foundation. We give both time and resources to the AOMDA Foundation to ensure that AOMDA Belgium may accomplish its mission. If you would like to volunteer to help us achieve our mission, please contact us.

The AOMDA Foundation itself provides the institutional platform, organizational capabilities, institutional memory, institutional continuity, and financial support for achieving AOMDA Belgium's mission. All AOMDA Foundation Board Members are volunteers who serve pro bono in a purely personal capacity, and they contribute considerable personal resources to our mission. In the United States, the AOMDA Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. In Belgium, the AOMDA Foundation is a non-profit association (vzw/asbl) established under Belgian law.

AOMDA Foundation Board Members

Wayne J. Bush
USA Foundation Board Member
Jerome W. Sheridan
Lt. Gen. (ret.) Edward Hanlon
Vice President (USA Foundation)
LTC (ret.) William K. Bergman
Vice President (Belgium Foundation)
Andrew Cox
Treasurer (USA Foundation)
Patricia Vancraenbroeck
AOMDA Foundation Treasurer (Belgium Foundation)
Eric Osterweil
Honorary Foundation Board Member


Christie Bell
AOMDA Sentinels of Memory, Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery
Sandrin Coorevits
AOMDA Historian
Fernand A.L. Romain
AOMDA Coordinator for the Robert Garrett ceremony
Philippe Vanderdonckt
AOMDA Coordinator for the Gilbert Malrait Ceremony