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You can make a tribute to a serviceman buried in Belgium

A life.  A hometown. Parents. Friends.  Maybe a wife, fiancée, or girlfriend.  Perhaps a child.  Each of the more than 14,000 American servicemen buried in Belgium left all of that all behind to defend freedom overseas.

You can help keep his memory alive by making a tribute. Simply use the search fields to find a serviceman who interests you or with whom you feel a connection. Then upload your tribute. (You must first register or sign in). 

Here are some ideas for tributes:

  • Biographical data that you have found, like photographs, letters, newspaper articles, school yearbook stories, or other accounts of his life in America.
  • Links to sources of information about the serviceman, his life, or his service:  history books, articles, accounts of battles in which he fought, pictures of his hometown from his youth, etc.
  • Notes of appreciation or videos that you have made explaining what the soldier means to you.  

Individuals can leave tributes.  So, too, can schools and youth organizations. 

TEACHERS: Inviting your students to compose a tribute to a serviceman buried in Belgium is a great way to help them learn more about history, the value of freedom and what it means to Americans and people of many nations who share this value!  Discover other tools, templates and awards to help pass the torch to each new generation. We are pleased to lend a hand!

Tips for researching the biography of a serviceman buried in Belgium