Our Donors

Thank you!


The AOMDA Foundation thanks the following corporations and organizations for their generous support in 2017 (to date):

American University
Fedex Europe
Coca-Cola Corporation
Armadillo Brand Communications
Burson Marsteller
Esco Belgium
Gosselin Group
Kabelwerk Eupen
Magic Monkey
United Innovators
Van Olmen & Wynant

The AOMDA Foundation thanks the following individuals for their generous support:

Mr. William Bergman
Mr. William Close
Chevalier Alfred Bourseaux
Col. and Mrs. Scott Shepard
Jack Van Spraag
Jan and Joseph Van den Broucke
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yanikoski
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Osterweil-Rokach
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reardon, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Van Gils-Mogavero
Mr. Geert Mahieu
Mr. Howard M. Liebman
Mr. Jerome Sheridan
Mr. Lee Connor
Mr. Leonard Schrank
Mr. Louis Thierry
Mr. Paul Callens
Mr. Pierre Sarton
Mr. Robert De Regge
Mr. Robert Draper
Mr. Roy Halstead
Mr. Tommy Hart
Mrs. Michelle Lambeau
Mrs. Myriam De Saedeleer
Mrs. Rose McConnell
Ms. Brenda Schoonover
Ms. Laura Hoffman
Ms. Martine Genot
Name withheld upon request