The Isolated Graves

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The AOMDA Foundation Belgium currently knows of fifteen soldiers and aviators who fought and died in the American armed forces during the First and Second World Wars who are buried in Belgium outside of the three American military cemeteries.  In three cases, they are Americans who developed quite strong bonds with Belgian families and whose American families requested that they be buried there.  In seven cases, they were born in Belgium, emigrated to America, volunteered, served and died in the American armed forces, and were returned to Belgium for burial with their families.  One was a Belgian who volunteered to serve in America's armed forces but never himself lived in America.  Four others are American citizens who fought in the armed forces of the United States of America, but who are buried in Commonwealth War Grave Cemeteries because their families requested that their remains rest undisturbed.

Each year, Memorial Day ceremonies are held at each of these isolated graves over the course of the extended Memorial Day weekend.  For a complete schedule of these Memorial Day ceremonies at the isolated graves, see  Upcoming Events.

An important part of the AOMDA's mission in Belgium is the preservation of the isolated graves.  When necesssary, we work together with the local authorities to restore and maintain the graves that are not maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  For example, in 2015 the AOMDA Foundation Belgum restored and renovated the grave of PFC Joseph G. Farina in Comblain-la-Tour (pictured).



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