Serve as a Sentinel of Memory

Individuals sometimes feel a special connection with a particular serviceman buried in Belgium. Perhaps the serviceman is a relative. Perhaps he comes from your hometown. Perhaps he helped to liberate the village in which you live. Perhaps he served in the same unit with which you are serving. Perhaps you share the same birthdate. There are many reasons why someone can feel a personal connection with an individual serviceman. That’s why some people choose to keep the memory of a serviceman alive by serving as one of his Sentinels of Memory.

Anyone - anywhere in the world - can become a Sentinel of Memory for any serviceman buried in Belgium. Simply visit his tribute page and add your name to his list of Sentinels. Each serviceman also has one “Primary” Sentinel of Memory* who undertakes a special pledge to visit his grave frequently and to honor his memory with floral tributes. Typically, those who serve in this capacity live close to the cemetery. Whatever your connection to a serviceman, we hope you’ll take the time to share your reflections and honor his sacrifice by becoming a Sentinel of Memory.

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To become a Sentinel of Memory for an individual serviceman, simply go to that serviceman’s tribute page, and add your name to the list of those committed to honoring his memory. To find a specific soldier, use the search fields here:

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If you wish to serve as a Primary Sentinel of Memory, please click here. (You must first register and sign in to access the application form). 

*formerly known as grave "adopters".