Flanders Field American Cemetery

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The Flanders Field American Cemetery is the final resting place of 368 American servicemen. The graves of 21 of these are marked with crosses and a Star of David that read "Here Rests in Honored Glory A Comrade in Arms Known But To God."  Inside the chapel, a wall records the name of 43 American soldiers who lie in unknown graves. The soldiers served in four US Army Divisions that fought in Belgium during World War I:  the 27th "New York" Division, the 30th "Old Hickory Division" from Tennessee, the 37th "Buckeye Division" from Ohio, and the 91st "Wild West" Division whose soldiers came from California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.  The cemetery also contains the graves of seven aviators, including one naval aviator.  The Flanders Field American Cemetery is a battlefield cemetery, which means that it is actually located on a former battlefield.  On the ground where the cemetery stands,  the 91st Division suffered many casualties in securing the wooded area to the east called "Spitaals Bosschen."  It is also the smallest of the American military cemeteries in Europe.

The Kingdom of Belgium provided the site of the Flanders Field American Cemetry to the United States of America in perpetuity.  The American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC), an agency of the United States government, administers, operates and maintains this cemetery.    

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