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Heuvelleand Bicycle route
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Historic Hiking and Biking Trails in Belgium

World War I

The communities of Heuvelland and Waregem teamed up to create a bicycle route that follows the path of the American Army in Belgium during World War I.  It is called the bicycle route “Forgotten Traces” (Fietsroute Vergeten Sporen.)  At  present, the map of the route and all of the information about it is available only in Dutch.  You can either consult this Dutch-language website or stop by the local tourist information offices to learn more about it.  


World War II

During the second weekend of December each year, the City of Bastogne commemorates the Battle of the Bulge.  As a part of this commemoration, the city establishes special hiking routes along the perimeters of the front lines at the time of the battle.  Normally, these hiking paths vary in length from 7 to 21 kilometers.  Re-enactors are posted along the routes to talk about the battle and what occurred in their area.  Since the routes that the city chooses vary each year, you will need to consult the City of Bastogne’s tourism website in the autumn to see what they have planned for this December.