Visit a museum or monument

Whether you live in Belgium or are just visiting, there is much to see and do when it comes to remembering the sacrifice of those who died for the liberation of Europe. Visit one of the many museums that bring the past to life, or explore the countryside for memorials and monuments of interest.

There are dozens of museums dedicated to the First and Second World Wars in Belgium. Below are a few recommendations about museums to visit, or discover a list of monuments and memorials:

M10 Tank Destroyer Arlon
Second World War

This M10 Tank Destroyer stands at the spot where Lt. R.F. Leach and Captain E.A. Hitchin were greeted by the city at the liberation of Arlon on 10 September 1944.  The Tank Destroyer belonged to the 630th Tank Destroyer Batallion, Company A and was part of the task force that liberated Arlon.  There is also a bronze plaque commemorating the liberation of Arlon by the American Army.  The Monument was innagurated on 24 September 1984 for the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Arlon.  

Oudenaarde Monument
First World War

The American Battle Monuments Commission erected this monument in honor of the 37th and 91st Infantry Divions that liberated this area of Belgium in WWI.

McAulife monument Bastogne
Second World War

Monument to General Anthony McAuliffe, acting commander of the 101st Airborne Divsion during the Battle of the Bulge.

1st Infantry Division Monument Butgenbach-Bullingen
Second World War

Located in Butgenbach-Bullingen, Belgium, this monument commemorates the 458 soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division who died between 16 December 1944 and 7 February 1945.

Mons Memorial Museum Tank
Second World War

Recently restored Sherman Tank named In the Mood is now on display at the Mons Memorial Museum


Limont Monument
Second World War

Monument to five American serviceman killed in the liberation of Limont

Ohio Bridge
First World War

On 4 November 2018, the US 37th Infantry Division pushed across the River Scheldt, puncturing one of of the German Army's last lines of defense.  Since the soldiers of the "Buckeye Division" were mostly from Ohio, this bridge was built in their honor when it was reconstructed following the war.  

Monument to I Company of the 505th PIR 82nd Airborne
Second World War

Monument to the 13 American soldiers of I Company who lost their lives in the liberation of Fosse on 3 January 1945.

30th Infantry Division Monument
Second World War

Located in Aubel, Belgium, this monument is dedicated to the men of the 30th Infantry Division who fought and died for the freedom of all.

Parker's Crossroads monument
Second World War

The "Alamo defense" of Major Arthur C. Parker's 589th Field Artillery Battalion at this crossroad denied the Nazis an important supply route between 19 and 23 December 1944.  There's monumnet includes a Howitzer 105 mm artillery piece.